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Ambitious by Likewise and Velvet Skies


by Likewise and Velvet Skies


Ambitious is an autobiography that chronicles the life of a remarkable man who overcame his learning disabilities and other major difficulties to become a highly respected and successful adult. For many, only one of these issues he faced would have been enough of a reason to give up. Not so with Likewise who always found creative solutions in order to grow and succeed. It was his desire to share these experiences with others in hopes that he could help them realize their potential no matter what challenges they face.

Book Type: Paperback

Genre: Autobiography

Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Pages: 140

ISBN: 978-1-948080-14-9


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About Likewise

Likewise, nee Alex Thomas, is originally from North Carolina and is a successful model and entertainer in Pensacola, FL who has learned to overcome the many challenges he has faced his entire life. Despite being one of 16 children born into a poor but loving family and struggling with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities, he was able to overcome every obstacle. Coupled with a love of music and dancing, he has had his own dance studio, has competed in body building competitions, graduated from Culinary Arts training, and enjoys entertaining in nursing homes. However, it’s not what he has accomplished in life but who he has become that is the true triumph!