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Billy Fred Whopper Goggles

Billy Fred Whopper Goggles by Brandon Bishop & Brandon Bishop Jr.

Billy Fred Whopper Goggles

by Brandon Bishop & Brandon Bishop Jr.

Meet a boy with two first names, a boy that looks different, feels different, is different. For thirteen-year-old Billy Fred, every day leaves him feeling as though he’s the butt of every joke, a target for everyone’s anger.

He lives a life filled with worry and fear but doesn’t understand why. Worse still: he doesn’t know how to make things any better. But all of that changes when Billy Fred finds a mysterious pair of goggles that alter his perception of everything and everyone and sends him on an emotional, life-changing journey that truly shows that the people around us are not always what they seem.

Book Type: Paperback

Genre: Children’s

Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Pages: 135

ISBN: 978-1-948080-46-0

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About The Authors

Brandon Bishop & Brandon Bishop Jr.

Brandon Bishop and his eleven-year-old son, Brandon Bishop Jr., put personal experiences and imagination together to create the character of Billy Fred and send him on a life-changing adventure. Brandon Sr. is a television producer, former professional wrestler, singer for the band One-Eyed Buffalo, former soldier in the US Army, and serves as the host of ASY TV’s Go There Eat That. Much like his father, Brandon Jr. hosts his own show on ASY TV, called The BB Oxmowzer Show. He is heavily active in gaming and outdoor sports, is interested in pursuing a game-coding career, and has acted in several short films and commercials.

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