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Cast Away Stones

Cast Away Stones by Katherine Youngblood

Cast Away Stones

by Katherine Youngblood

Louisiana, 1848. Catarine, determined and decisive, left her beautiful family home, Magnolia Plantation, ensconced on the banks of the Mississippi River. What danger led her to leave abruptly, to live a life disguised on the streets of New Orleans, only to be rescued by the captivating Daria Morinay, a wealthy free woman of color?

The two young women, from vastly different backgrounds, forge a loyal friendship unlikely to be shaken until Daria discovers Catarine’s hidden secret and the true reason she had run away. Cast Away Stones, the first book in the series, is about friendships worth dying for, that cross time and racial boundaries, and speak to humanity today.


Book Type: Paperback

Genre: History, Inspiration

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Pages: N/A



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About Katherine Youngblood

Katherine Youngblood

Katherine Youngblood spent her childhood traveling the world with her military family, learning to treasure people from all cultures. She settled in Pensacola and put down roots, raising her three children. Cast Away Stones is her first book.