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Choosing Diabetes

Choosing Diabetes

by Kelley Akins

You can do this! Getting a diagnosis of diabetes can mean something different to every person that receives the news.Getting the information you need will empower you to manage a medical condition. Getting the emotional support you need will provide you with a positive mindset that will continue to bring you back to successful management again and again.
Choosing Diabetes gives an in-depth look at the emotional factors that associate such a diagnosis. Factors such as initial shock, the
reactions of those around you, getting in touch with your feelings about what has happened and setting boundaries for yourself and your support system. This book is an invaluable resource for dealing with the emotionality of diabetes!


Book Type: Paperback

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Pages: 124

ISBN: 978-0-9962330-8-8




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About Kelly Akins

Kelley Akins, MS, LPCi, is a Type 1 Diabetic that lives and works in Dallas, Texas. She received her master’s degree in 2013 from Southern Methodist University after receiving her diagnosis in 2009.
The lack of emotional support she experienced at the time of her diagnosis led her to want to help others that found themselves in a similar situation. Being diabetic and a counselor places her in the unique position to have personal experience with what it feels like to manage diabetes on a daily basis and the credentials to guide others to a more positive mindset with which to manage their own diabetes. She is dedicated to bringing awareness of how important emotional health is to good diabetes management.