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If These Fields Could Talk

If These Fields Could talk

by Leatha Jackson with Matthew Jordan

If These Fields Could Talk is the inspiring and heartwarming true story of Leatha Jackson’s rise from abject poverty in the pre-Civil Rights South to beloved matriarch and “barbeque queen” of Mississippi.


Leatha’s journey stands as a powerful example of what an unshakable faith in God, love, and family can create. After many years of sweat, toil, and dreaming, with the unwavering support of her devoted husband and children, Leatha made magic in the heart of the South.


Her legacy, Leatha’s BBQ Inn, has become a Mississippi landmark, a family institution, a featured restaurant on national television shows, and a favorite of locals, traveling “foodies,” and celebrity regulars…and the story of how it all came to be is as remarkable as a plate of Leatha’s delicious barbeque. As Leatha would say, “It’s all about love.”


Book Type: Paperback

Size: 5″ x 8″

Pages: 106

ISBN: 978-0-986043-3-0


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About Leatha Jackson

authorIMG_SarahCLeatha Jackson was born in Meadville, Mississippi in 1923, and in 1955, she moved to Foxworth, Mississippi. Jackson opened Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn in 1976 with the intention of bringing folks old-fashioned barbeque, and since then it has become nationally famous.


Though she passed away in 2013, her family continues her legacy of love for the community and barbeque done right.