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From Trenches to Triumph

From Trenches to Triumph by Dave Clark

From Trenches to Triumph

by Dave Clark

From Trenches to Triumph is an anecdotal book about how to start your own sales business. Dave Clark describes his journey to becoming self-employed and shares advice on salesmanship and business start-ups. Readers will find this book filled with sales pitch examples and motivational tips.


Book Type: Paperback

Genre: Business

Size: 8.5” x 5.5”

Pages: 170

ISBN: 978-0997294590



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About David Clark

David Clark has been in the direct sales business for over thirty-five years and has been an entrepreneur and business owner for forty years. He has built and sold an auto graphics business. He has worked with many top professionals in the direct sales business.
The organizations that have employed him have benefited from the high level of sales that he always maintains. His salesmanship distinguished him as the most productive salesman in his office and would often project his office to the top of the organization. He is also a personal coach and sales trainer