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Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder by J.E. Muzzio

Jacob’s Ladder

by J.E. Muzzio

A young nun is found on a park bench in Tampa, Florida, badly beaten and near death. Who is this vestige of a time gone by, and where did she come from? Is she a prostitute, a threat to Homeland Security, or an unfortunate victim of violent crime? These are the questions of the doctors that care for her, and the authorities who are driven to find an answer.


Book Type: Paperback

Genre: Entertainment

Size: 8.5” x 5.5”

Pages: 334

ISBN: 978-0999021002



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About J.E. Muzzio

J.E. Muzzio, a Tampa native, lives a solitary life in the shadow of The Big Guava.

Jacob’s Ladder is my first work of fiction. It was inspired by my children and brought to life by my father, my hero, who always told me I could do anything – even dance on the stars, and my mother who taught me that if you want to dance you have to pay the fiddler.