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Juggling Rhinos

Juggling Rhinos

by Kristy Geiser

Life had been good to Kristy Geiser and her husband Skip. Blessed with two beautiful girls, they felt they were the typical American household—until three words changed their second daughter’s life and the entire family’s as well…she has cancer.  Juggling Rhinos is a gripping and inspiring story that will take you on the journey of the emotional, physical, and financial struggles of the Geiser family.


You will discover how they found hope and strength through the valleys, as well as on the mountaintops. It is a powerful example of how embracing the inevitable storms of life can bring great happiness and give life more meaning.
No matter what situation you may be facing—whatever valley you are going through—you will find encouragement and peace by reading the Geisers’ story…Juggling Rhinos.


Book Type: Paperback

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Pages: 160

ISBN: 978-0-9856033-0-4


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About Kristy Gieser

authorIMG_SarahCKristy Geiser and her husband Skip met shortly after college. A few years after being married, they felt led to open a real estate business in Northwest Florida.


Their daughter, Abby, was diagnosed with cancer in her eyes at 4 months of age. After winning that battle against cancer, she was diagnosed again at 6 years of age with cancer in her left femur.


The Geiser family is a great example of how God sometimes uses tough circumstances to bring us to Him and accomplish His purpose. They have six children: Emma, Abby, Micah, Zach, Zoe, and Jeremiah.