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Little Bird

Little Bird by LaRita Dixon

Little Bird

by LaRita Dixon

For twelve years Amal has happily lived with her parents and sister, when war suddenly changes her life forever. Within just a few days she loses her entire family and endures other horrendous experiences while fleeing for her life. The resulting psychological trauma does not stop with her arrival in America.

Just when Amal is about to lose all hope, she meets a lovely southern lady and her family. Will they be able to help heal her wounds and teach her to love again? Little Bird is a gripping tale of resilience and the incredible power of love and family.

Book Type: Paperback

Genre: Inspiration, Entertainment

Size: 6″ x 9″

Pages: 371

ISBN: 978-1948080514

$19.95Add to cart

About The Author

LaRita Dixon is a self-taught artist, soap maker, avid reader, and entrepreneur living in Pensacola, Florida. She owns The Lady and Pearl Soap Shop and LaRita JaNae Art, which can be found online. She is known for her colorful pieces of artwork and the unique way she makes soap look like desserts. Her art has been featured in shows in Miami, Atlanta, and Tallahassee, to name a few. She also loves crocheting and writing poetry, and is active with the Glimmers of Hope charity in her spare time. She lives at home with her mother, father, and brother, who are her inspiration. Little Bird is her first novel.