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One Tough Cookie

One Tough Cookie by Sean Cusack

One Tough Cookie

by Sean Cusack


Unlike his brothers and sisters, Chip— the youngest and only chocolate chip cookie in his family— doesn’t have any fun or special job like they do. Without a career to enjoy, Chip finds it hard not to be upset when each of his siblings has something that makes them special and happy. Chip grows tired of being teased by his brothers and sisters for not having a fun job, so he decides to find a job that he isn’t just good at but better at than his siblings! Unfortunately, by focusing on what he thinks he should be based on his siblings’ careers, Chip struggles to belong in any job that he tries.


With the support of his mother, Éclair, Chip makes the decision to focus on himself and his dream in order to transform into what he always imagined he could be, and to show his siblings what one lone chocolate chip can do. By choosing his own path and staying more dedicated to his dream than any sibling in his family, Chip is truly able to become One Tough Cookie!


Book Type: Paperback

Genre: Children’s

Size: 8.5” x 11”

Pages: 50

ISBN: 978-1-948080-16-3


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About Sean Cusack

A Chicago, Illinois native with a fondness for sweets, Sean C. Cusack believes that every person goes through an internal struggle to find their true purpose in life. How else, then, could he re-create this struggle for readers, if not with his love of sweets? Sean C. Cusack creates a vivid, colorful world of cookies, doughnuts, and other sweet treats that allows readers to see the sweeter side of life, and less the about struggles, that Chip endures in his path to becoming something special.


Sean C. Cusack’s novels High School Memoirs: A Journey in Surrealism and Code 3: The Rise & Fall of a Private Ambulance Empire, as well as his more recent publication, One Tough Cookie, further demonstrate Cusack’s dedication to expressing the inner dilemma of finding one’s niche in life in a relatable way. And, as a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, Sean C. Cusack realizes that, while not everyone gets there, finding one’s calling in life can truly be a dream worth fighting for. While immortalizing the story of the ultimate underdog, like Chip, Sean C. Cusack’s works further exemplify that the road to one’s success can be a turbulent and compelling adventure.