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Pathways by R.L. Tallent


by R.L. Tallent

The beauty of a pathway is that it tells the story of us all. The worn out trails reflect footsteps where once there was nothing, but through our wonder and curiosity – a way was found. A way found with excitement for the one who travels, along with the promise of new discoveries, and the anticipation for the yet unseen. Pathways mirror the life we live and the strides, struggles, ups and downs we face. The unique curves that make up a pathway reflect the obstacles we face everyday and the challenges to overcome – ultimately, in search of the illuminated guideposts of our enlightened, transformed self. The Pathways Book Series aims to visually celebrate the beautiful hidden pathways which exist around us through photographic art.


Book Type: Paperback

Genre: Entertainment

Size: 8.5” x 8.5”

Pages: N/A




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About R.L. Tallent

R.L. Tallent

I have always been enamored with Pathways as long as I can remember. I’m not quite sure when this obsession started. Maybe It was when I was child playing in the forest behind my home with wonder and curiosity of where the next pathway may have lead. Or maybe it started when I witnessed the true beauty of a Pathway through a simple photograph I had taken. Regardless of what started it I am truly a lover of all things Pathways. From this love I have created The Pathways Book Series. This series purpose is to visually spotlight the beautiful Pathways that exist all around us. Many hidden or hard to find or ones we simply forget to notice. My goal with this series is to also inspire you as you explore beautiful Pathway photographs from several interesting and unique places. In this book series you will discover many diverse themes. From inspirational quotes and messages, to fun facts, to historical things you may not have known. Does your interests include photography, nature, travel or history? Or maybe your looking for a little inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation, or self help. My hope is that through this series your discovery takes you on your on special Pathway. A Pathway to a life enlightened, transformed and fulfilled.