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Scavenge Your Way to Wealth

Scavenge Your Way to Wealth

by Steve Ames

Scavenge Your Way to Wealth is not your average real estate guide or business book. Through riveting and sometimes tragic stories from his childhood, Steve Ames teaches the principles he learned and developed while turning his life of poverty into one of tremendous success.


Whether you’re already in real estate or you’re just starting out, this entertaining and informative book will demonstrate and explain recession-proof strategies that anyone can utilize. Steve will show you how to recognize the true value of properties, materials, relationships, and labor that others often miss. You don’t need huge sums of money or years of experience to be successful in real estate—you just need the proper guidance and motivation to Scavenge Your Way to Wealth.

Book Type: Softcover

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Pages: 153

ISBN: 978-0-9856033-1-1


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About Steve Ames


Born in 1950 when most of America was prospering, Steve Ames grew up with “less than nothing” in rural Iowa as the fifth of six children. Surviving years of poverty, he learned from an early age how to make a profit from scavenging literally everything.


Steve’s unique approach to business and real estate has earned him millions and he has shifted his focus to giving back and teaching others how to be successful. Steve spends his summers in Iowa and his winters in south Texas. He is married, has two grown daughters, and is a proud grandfather.