A White Hat & Rose Colored Glasses



A White Hat & Rose Colored Glasses:

Unlocking Your Power Through Clarity & Action

by Susan Sherbert

Imagine for a moment how different your life could be if you were fearless, passionate, creative, and confident. These are all powerful traits found within the mindset of a child, yet as adults, we tend to focus on fears, doubt, judgment, and limitations. What happened as we made our transition into the grown-up world?

When it comes to changing your mindset to be more effective and efficient, this book gives you plenty to think about! Susan takes you back to the basic foundation of child-like thinking and blasts the idea to a whole new level. While this book is a success- and business-focused, Susan’s unique writing style, humor, and anecdotes make these pages not only eye-opening but immensely enjoyable to read.

A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses is full of thought-provoking stories to help shift those limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and encouraging ideas that will inspire you to take better actions. Plus, you will find some rather profound lessons that will have you questioning the way you think.

Find CLARITY by putting on your rose colored glasses so that you can see the things you need to see – take ACTION by wearing your white hat and do the things you need to do!

Clarity and Action – those two words have the power to change, well just about everything!


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