ADHD to Clarity



ADHD to Clarity

by Esmeralda Fox

For years, Esmeralda Fox endured the physical and mental ailments that come with ADHD. Despite her best efforts to stave them off, she suffered from hyperactivity, forgetfulness, tunnel vision, and other symptoms. However, through radically altering her diet and cultivating a new relationship with God, she became able to accept the realities of her illness and effectively combat it without the aid of conventional prescription medications.

ADHD to Clarity follows Esmeralda’s journey to winning freedom from her illness, attaining spiritual harmony and peace, and achieving better physical health. Through personal narrative influenced by years of research, she describes the importance of prayer and meditation, exercise, and altering one’s diet to include more natural and wholesome foods. Esmeralda also provides a variety of natural, healthy recipes as well as detailed information about the superfoods and ingredients that help cleanse the body and the soul.

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