Black Silver

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Black Silver

by Wayne Abrahamson

Joseph Havok has no idea of the troubles he’ll face when he and his business partner decide to follow up on a rumor and go off in search of a lost cache of WWII silver near an island in the South China Sea. The two men travel by dive boat to Terumbu Island, unaware of the others they will soon encounter, including an American CIA station chief, an environmental-studies professor, and the captain of the professor’s research vessel. But Terumbu holds other secrets]―something far more dangerous and much more valuable than the island’s cache of old silver.

Nicholai Anisimova, a former Russian army intelligence officer, is the leader of a group of dissatisfied comrades who threaten international order in their quest to transform Siberia into a new Russia. However, in order to purchase arms and equipment to begin their revolution and occupation of Siberia, the group will need money. To finance the recovery of resources from a sunken Japanese submarine, Anisimova secures the sponsorship of a Chinese industrialist who does not trust the Russians and decides to monitor the recovery himself.

Havok and his partner soon find themselves involved in a conflict, refereed by an unknown, seldom-seen island hermit, that escalates into a bitter struggle between survivors and pirates. What begins as a simple holiday for two men on a treasure hunt ends with a far-ranging battle that spills beyond the borders of the South China Sea, embroiling world leaders and placing the population of a nation at risk.

About the Author:

Originally from Elroy, Wisconsin, Wayne Abrahamson served in the US Navy for 24 four years and retired as a chief petty officer. While in the service he traveled extensively throughout the western Pacific, Asia, and Middle East, and qualified as a private pilot, master scuba diver, and parachute jumper. After retiring he earned several undergraduate and graduate degrees in history and anthropology, and now lives in Pensacola, Florida. When he is not writing he enjoys traveling the Caribbean and through Latin America and thinking about his next novel, novella, or short story.


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