Bumbling With The Arabs


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Bumbling With The Arabs

All The Way To The Bank
by Ben Koshkin

Bumbling with the Arabs All the Way to the Bank chronicles the true story of two naïve, young Houston real estate go-getters as they rub elbows with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the Middle East.

In 1980 Ben Koshkin and his business partner bumbled into a real estate deal and ended up with a Kuwaiti billionaire as a partner. Through this partnership, Koshkin befriended the undersecretary to the oil minister of Kuwait. For four years, if the undersecretary didn’t sign the contract, Kuwait didn’t sell the oil.

Throughout the eighties, Koshkin and his partner closed over two hundred fifty million dollars’ worth of business with the Arabs and experienced firsthand a culture the United States still doesn’t fully understand. After every trip to the Middle East, men in dark suits, sporting sunglasses and short haircuts, would line up outside their Houston office to ask questions about their business overseas and the people they met on their trips.

Bumbling with the Arabs All the Way to the Bank documents experiences and encounters most people will never come close to experiencing in a hundred lifetimes. At times, these stories were hard for even Ben Koshkin to believe—and he lived them!

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