Can You Keep A Secret?

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Can You Keep A Secret?

by J.M. Doe

In her midtwenties, Leah Jones has moved to California to continue her education in advanced nursing. Upon completion of her studies, she comes across a newspaper ad that reads, “Nurses Wanted in Saudi Arabia.” It sounds like a perfect match for her spirit of adventure and her love of travel. In sharp contrast to her conservative life spent in Kansas, this foreign land beckons her; and don’t they always say that when you are least expecting it, love will find its way?

In this bizarre land, Leah finally meets her prince, the man of her dreams, Abdul. Love blossoms. Abdul is not your typical Saudi man, and when he proposes Leah readily accepts. They marry in Cyprus, honeymoon around the world, and travel to California to set up their first home together. Back in the United States, their beautiful daughter, Aisha, is born, but Leah’s blissful marriage soon unravels. Then her worst nightmare becomes a reality: Aisha does not return from her visit to Disneyland with her father. The man who had promised on the Quran that he would never take their child from her mother has abducted Aisha and taken her to Saudi Arabia.

With no solace or alternative in sight, Leah makes the only choice she can: to return to the faraway country that now holds her daughter. The mystical fairy-tale land that once upon a time brought love and happiness has disappeared. Will Leah be prepared for what happens next?


  1. SEG

    Can You Keep a Secret by J.M. Doe uses a nom de plume not for literary reasons, but to protect her family’s lives. Their anonymity must be maintained for protection from fatal retaliation. This wonderfully written tale of a mother and young child who escaped a warped and dangerous life should be right on the top of your reading list. Note: this may read like an exciting novel of crime, distress, escape and international intrigue, but this well-crafted tale is a true story, with only names and biographical information disguised for obvious reasons. This first-time published author hits it “out of the park.”
    Leah, an American citizen, moved to a foreign land, and fell in love with a seemingly charming “prince.” How quickly she discovered that some Middle-Eastern cultures practice and condone horrific treatment of woman, and children. Even more unbelievable, American citizens are not protected from international abuse and crime, not even by the United States of America and the Department of State. Read it and believe it…remember this is TRUE.
    In a nutshell, Leah married a Saudi Arabian National, had a child with him, and settled into a normal professional life in America. Marriage became impossible so they agreed to a legally constructed custody arrangement. BUT, when their child was a mere two years old, Abdul kidnapped his daughter, whisked her to Saudi Arabia, and under government and social protection prevented Leah from contact with her own child, a dual American citizen.
    The author tells her story, and tells it well. Read it and judge for yourself, for I never could adequately summarize the gamut of emotion, tenacity, and love displayed within the pages of this wonderful book. Leah tells her whole story, with explicit details, giving fairness to the facts. She lived a tale of horror for eight long years, broke countless laws, and became an international fugitive in order to save her daughter from abuse.
    Can you keep a secret? Could you if you had to in order to protect lives? Could you be as brave? Read this book. I guarantee you will be thankful you read it, and will walk away with a new appreciation for the freedoms Americans casually take for granted. And I’ll bet you’ll want J.M. Doe to tell the rest of this tale. Hopefully there will be another book or two.

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