Cooked Alive



Cooked Alive!

by Nancy Wirsing

Cooked Alive! is a cookbook for learning to use whole foods – raw, naturally whole and chemical-free foods –  to secure human health. To this end, it contains over 200 distinctive whole food recipes that families and friends will readily welcome and enjoy. These carefully crafted recipes are:

  • meticulously tested over many years.
  • original because vegetables and fruits are prominently cast as “top dog” ingredients in dishes. Simple conservation techniques capture the vast – but now overwhelmingly and wantonly wasted – nutritional and flavoring capacity of vegetables and fruits. Recipes use these techniques to transform vegetables and fruits into super nutritious foods and highly effective flavoring ingredients.
  • workable because the dishes are popular traditional dishes. All preparation steps are clearly and thoroughly detailed to ensure preparation success by cooks in general regardless of prior cooking experience. The basic approach – reliance on vegetable and fruit flavoring – is applicable to dishes in general, whether vegetarian, vegan, paleo or any other dietary regime.
  • genuinely attractive because the application of conservation-based preparation and serving techniques successfully converts vegetables and fruits into the main flavoring in dishes. By providing appealing color and texture, juiciness, and distinctive flavor, vegetables and fruits successfully substitute for commercially prepared flavoring.
  • reliably healthful because dishes maximize the nutritional contribution of all whole ingredients included while eliminating highly processed fat-, sugar-, salt-, and chemical-laden commercially prepared ingredients and minimizing overall fat, sugar, and salt content.

Beyond arming cooks with technical cooking skills and recipes needed for successful inclusion of whole foods in everyday eating, Cooked Alive! is also a timely and unique guidebook devoted to the mission of expanding understanding of the “why” of whole foods. Alongside its recipes, Cooked Alive!, unlike virtually all other cookbooks, informs readers in detail about whole foods and the critically essential role they play in liberating cooks from the modern processed food eating approach that has nothing less than a devastating impact on human health and well-being.

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