Cornbread Mafia



Cornbread Mafia

by Sheree Le Mon

After years of walking an emotional tightrope and living a life of deception, attorney David O’Donnell and his lifelong friend and former CIA operative, Bill Corley, devised a complex and dangerous plot that would finally fracture the suffocating tentacles that encased and bound O’Donnell to the NJ underworld and the Columbian drug cartel once and for all.

Between the dangerously secret goings-on of the operation and O’Donnell’s lifeless marriage that crept with unremarkable predictability, a single delicate flower emerged amongst the wreckage. That flower was Neely Glover.

The smart and accomplished beauty quietly moved to Summerville hoping to escape the whispers and eyes of her prying socialite circle in Madison after divorcing a husband who, unfortunately, never stopped dating. She found Summerville the perfect place to heal and rediscover herself, unnoticed. Never could she have fathomed that within a short year of arriving in the sleepy little town, her life would be transformed not only by love but also by the tangled, dangerous activities that would tie her to horrific acts.

Money laundering, betrayal, extortion, sex, violence, murder, and love spin a web through the lives of many of the players in Summerville with an outcome that is unimagined and life altering.


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