Daisies, Pushing Up



Daisies, Pushing Up

by Dr. Dana Z. Godek

Texas teen Dayzee knows she’s an outsider; to her, being in foster care is proof that mainstream society doesn’t want her. She reinvents herself as a punk and finds friends like her, people living on the margins of Dallas during the 1980s. After several failed placements, Dayzee runs away from the foster-care system and lives the life of a homeless teen. But when she is attacked by skinheads, Dayzee knows she needs family.

So Dayzee moves in with her older sister, Mia, whose own emotionally scarred life has left her unprepared—and more than a little reluctant—to deal with the responsibility of looking after her rebellious younger sister. Dayzee tries to make the transition easier; she gets a job at a coffee shop and avoids selling drugs like her friends do. But before long Dayzee’s loyalty is split between her two families: her sister and her group of outcasts. Dayzee will realize she can’t have both—but not before her life takes an even darker turn.

Soon enough, Dayzee learns that appearances can be deceiving, that toughness is often a defense, that hope sometimes lies just beneath the surface, and that hope—once brought out into the light—can make a new path shine.

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