EmployER Engagement

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EmployER Engagement

by Tom Mahan and Danny Nelms

You’ve heard it too many times: “I’ve got to update my résumé.” “I can’t work for that jerk anymore.” “I’m sick of having that carrot dangling in my face.” “This is a dead-end job; I’m out.”

It happens every day. The signs of discontent are all there, yet they are ignored. Workplaces are suffering from unnecessary turnover, unfilled positions, lost customers, overworked staff, and compromised profit. Employee morale is flat, clever but empty perks continue to fail, and everyone knows that employee engagement scores are a joke. Poaching is the new best practice, and employees are bailing.

Like it or not, employees have control in this high-stakes, employee-in-control market. And this employee market will continue for some time. It’s simple demographic science. US workers will hold the hammer for years to come.

Here’s the deal, employer: There are plenty of people to do all the work that needs to be done; they’re just working somewhere else. Employees don’t need you; you need them. So how can you recruit the best employees and keep them working for you? The answer is clear: companies CAN and MUST become better employers.

Taking the guesswork out of engagement and retention, EmployER Engagement is the fresh and dissenting voice on the employment relationship.

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