Farewell to a Fallen Soldier



Farewell to a Fallen Soldier

by Zsaquez Johnson

Farewell to a Fallen Soldier is the true account of a sister’s love for her brother, and her tireless will to carry on his life’s vision. The heroic efforts of the US Army 507 Maintenance Company in the Iraq War are remembered because of the riveting story of survivor Jessica Lynch, but others lost their lives that fateful day—including the first Alabama soldier to die during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Purple Heart recipient PFC Howard Johnson II.

The sweet sadness of the life of a hero that was cut short has inspired a grieving family’s response with heroic actions of their own. With humor, history, and humility, Howard’s older sister Zsaquez shares with her late brother the family’s progress and deep pride in their fallen son.

Her heartfelt letter fills all who read it with a sense of respect, peace, and an inspiration to do more.