The Grecian Garden



The Grecian Garden

by Melanie Angelis

Another diet book? No—absolutely not! The Grecian Garden is actually the complete opposite of a diet book. Rest assured, Melanie Angelis’ positive and proven approach to wellness is a refreshing look at reversing lifestyle diseases. While reading The Grecian Garden, you’ll realize that the previous diet you were on was your last. It’s time for us to take charge of our own health—not just simply rely on doctors, pills, or fad diets.

When faced with challenging health problems, The Grecian Garden will offer simple solutions. Let’s stop ignoring the symptoms—that’s our bodies trying to communicate with us! Let’s be proactive in our healthcare.

Melanie’s passion for natural medicine came about from an unwillingness to accept what doctors were diagnosing and prescribing for her. After years of struggling with her own health and searching for answers, she discovered what really works—what could work for anyone. Melanie’s journey to health was long and complex. She believes that yours doesn’t have to be. Discover your path to a vibrant and nourished life with Melanie in The Grecian Garden.