Hello, I'll Be Stealing From You Today


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Hello, I’ll Be Stealing From You Today

by Heather Sol

Ever since Heather Sol was a little girl, she has always been in the center of the unimaginable and the outlandish. After enduring life-altering back surgery and rape as a teenager, she distanced herself from her family, traveling across the country on the open road while stealing from others and experimenting with drugs. However, the farther she ran away, the closer she got to the edge.

Hello, I’ll Be Stealing From You Today is the eclectic and often-disorienting account of Heather’s life journey. From in-the-moment and reflective perspectives and poetry, Heather chronicles her days running from the law, enjoying the vibrant and sordid party culture of New Orleans, and experiencing all of the thrills and hardship in between. At her lowest point, her life takes a dramatic turn as she meets with famous journalist Hunter S. Thompson, becoming a member of his inner circle. Even in Thompson’s strange world, Heather becomes acquainted with a sense of normalcy away from her own self-abuse and eventually begins reconciling her past and present mistakes and pains with the drive to live a more fulfilling life.


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