How (NOT) To Be A Leader - Book 1

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How (NOT) To Be A Leader

by Mary Marshall and Kim Obbink

Ever worked for someone you couldn’t believe was in charge? Trying to figure out how to be a leader? This book is for you.

All the stories you’ve probably lived through and all the ways you should NOT be a leader with practical tips for being just the opposite: a truly great leader. Now read it, because we said to, and you’ll have to read Chapter 4 to find out why.

How (NOT) To Be A Leader is the first in the series that will help you navigate the leadership waters like a seasoned captain—and not like the Titanic! Book 2, How (NOT) To Build A Great Team will show you all the ways to not hire and grow great people, and Book 3, How (NOT) To Create A Winning Strategy will round out the series with how not to have any kind of vision or master plan—plus more stories of horrible decisions made by obnoxious leaders.

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