Legend Land



Legend Land

by Noah Barfield

The cosmos stands on the precipice of something great, something grand; something terrible. In a secluded forest, a man garbed in black knows this, and does nothing; he does not care. Many find themselves there, in that place where legends go to die; they, like he, are alone. He, unlike they, has had everything ripped from him. In a dark and warm place, there is a woman with hair red as blood, who does nothing; she has no idea how to. She is like everyone else: unknown, in danger, and hopeless; merely another forgotten legend who doesn’t even remember herself.

In Legend Land, things are not black and white; there are no heroes and villains. It is a murky, grey mess where the lines between “good” and “evil” are thin and barely exist. Follow the story of several long forgotten legends as they rediscover what it means to be human, to feel, in a world where having a conscious or dropping your guard can earn you permanent erasure from the fabric of reality. Follow these characters as they decide when to become the hero, or embrace being a villain; as they decide where to draw the line, and when to obliterate it completely.

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