Love Both, Keep Both: Passport to Peace, Prosperity and Strengthened Diplomacy

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Love Both, Keep Both: Passport to Peace, Prosperity and Strengthened Diplomacy

by Ken Reiman

In a memoir both personal and public, Ken Reiman, a diplomat with dual nationality, tells the story of his heritage from a Japanese mother and American father, and his lifelong desire to serve the United States as a member of the U.S. Foreign Service in Japan. Reiman traces his education in Arizona, childhood summers in Japan, and his grandmothers’ love as driving forces behind his unwavering commitment to be a bridge between the U.S. and Japan.

At 24, Reiman entered the world of diplomacy serving the U.S. with distinction in Asia, Africa, and South America. He takes us on many journeys describing good times as well as high stress and bureaucratic obstacles while always seeking an appointment in Japan. Throughout heartbreak and struggles to prove his loyalty, his story argues for advantages for both countries to utilize dual nationals instead of shunning them. He calls for beneficial new considerations governments should undertake to promote diversity, diplomacy, and peace.

Love Both, Keep Both is informative as well as heartfelt, especially for Americans who understand the inherent value of diversity and Japanese who view the U.S. as their greatest ally. The message is simple: embrace dual nationality as a gift, and never apologize for loving all of who you are to become the positive force for change God intended you to be.

ISBN: 9781950906055


  1. Jason Morris

    An authentic account describing why citizens with multiple allegiances make our democracy and diplomacy stronger, not weaker. Embracing dual nationals is an important part of national security. The author makes a compelling case for why governments ought to view multinationals as assets rather than liabilities. The author recounts his personal trials and triumphs and inspires us all to embrace all of who we are and the unique heritages we possess. A must read for anyone interested in politics, foreign affairs, human resources, diplomacy, diversity, and business.

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