Memory Making Meals At Meador Homestead



Memory Making Meals At Meador Homestead

by Dean Smith

No matter where one lives on this earth, people enjoy the moments that matter most with family, friends, and food. That is what this book is all about— celebrating and making memories with loved ones, and recipes of food are given for each season to make it even more memorable!
The events all happen at Meador Homestead in Hattiesburg, MS, a place of the past, filled with memories of special occasions for birthdays, engagements, weddings, graduation parties, baby and bridal showers, games, holidays, and historic moments. All the events center around enjoying the moment with food and each other.

In addition, B&B guests travel from all over the world to come to Meador Homestead to enjoy southern hospitality at its best. In return, we offer a cuisine trip around the world to enjoy food from other countries and the culinary contributions each has made to our world.

Pictures in the book visually tie the stories and food together to help you host your special event, and suggestions are given along with recipes to help make a most memorable moment. We invite you to dig in and enjoy the stories, food, and pictures that will lead you into future celebrations and unforgettable Memory Making Meals!

Categories: Cooking, Family & Relationships


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