Momma Dean's Southern Cooking



Momma Dean’s Southern Cooking

by Dean Meador Smith

“As I sit in the open air, I look back with fondness on the wonderful walks I had with my grandfather at the Meador Homestead. My grandfather’s love for the land of Meador Homestead was even greater than his love for the cabin. Where the house was the woman’s domain, ‘Pa’ was king of the countryside—planting huge gardens, growing beautiful flowers, feeding his flock of catfish in the pond, or just meandering down the cattle-created paths through the fields. My favorite times with him were walking through the woods and his pointing out to me the special places for him in his life: the sugar cane field, the chicken house, and the old spring where they drew water from, amongst many others. At any given time, just like in Italy, I can see deer eating pears off the old pear tree in the yard, turkey slowly making their way to their supper of corn, or rabbits playfully engaged in a game of hide and seek with each other. Words cannot describe how I feel, only that I agree with him in saying, ‘This is a little piece of heaven.’”

– Excerpt from Southern Cooking