Mommy, What is Confidence?

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Mommy, What is Confidence?

by Shal Chirkut

“The perfect book to help kids build confidence! It’s great for children in school, speaks to their imagination, and challenges them.” — Tom Godfrey, Editor, The South Etobicoke News

Kids need confidence to thrive and this book shows them exactly what they can do to build confidence. It challenges them to take action and learn from it through a fun and interactive activity called, The Confidence Cup.

This touching story is about a boy who lacks confidence and seeks his mother’s guidance in becoming more confident.

As a topic, confidence can be abstract and vague to children and parents. Mommy, What is Confidence? illustrates what confidence looks like in real life. Confidence is something that affects all of us and it is important to guide children in the right direction, so that they can fulfill their potential and lead successful lives.

With the interactive Confidence Cup, this book not only serves as a lesson-driven story, but an actionable process that kids can easily follow to create tangible, positive accomplishments in their developing lives. You can cut it out together and hang it in their favorite spot. By earning stars, children will be able to see their progress as they grow.

Mommy, What is Confidence? can be your child’s first confidence building storybook. Or give it as a gift to nephews, nieces, grandchildren, or friends’ children for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, just to show you care, and other occasions. Give a gift that has true, meaningful, and lifelong impact.

About the Author:

Shal has been writing for many years with a keen interest in covering topics that can positively impact the lives of readers. He believes confidence can be developed through challenging oneself. He has skydived, mentored students, proposed to his wife on the Eiffel Tower, sang to her in front of a large crowd on their wedding day, and climbed high mountains in Iceland. He is also an avid tennis player and has shared a laugh with tennis legend Roger Federer. He has an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto and lives with his wife and children in Toronto, Canada. His inspiring family is a great source of strength and drive for him. Visit to learn more about Shal!


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