Mr. Biddle and the Squirrel's Tale

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Mr. Biddle and the Squirrel’s Tale

by Anne Mason

Jonathan Squirrel’s nut has been stolen! Join Mr. Biddle and his woodland friends as he recounts the tale of Leeds Forest’s greatest heist. With the help of Jonathan Squirrel and Nigel Owl in finding the perpetrator—Nigel, of course, making sure to show off his best, feathered side— Mr. Biddle uncovers the culprit. However, a certain revelation turns the pursuit on its head.

Transformed from a quest of apprehension for a petty thief, Mr. Biddle’s story becomes one of compassion and mentorship for a fellow woodland creature, changing more than one life that day. With each scene illustrated by the illustrious photographer, Jim Zuckerman, whose accolades include everything from publications for the National Geographic Society and Life Magazine, the world of Mr. Biddle and the Squirrel’s Tale brilliantly shines through as the fairytale-like English woods of old.

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