Pippin and the Magic Castle

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Pippin and the Magic Castle

by Sharwynne Drennan

A Siamese cat named Pippin has big dreams of seeing the world. He and his friend Mr. Nibbles fly through the sky in a magic castle and have their first adventure. Then, things go quite wrong and they can’t find their way home. But a seagull named Sunny has a bigger problem, and Pippin learns that friends need to help friends and that home is never very far away.

Pippin and the Magic Castle promotes friendship, helping others in need, and the joy of following your dreams.

AUTHOR BIO, Sharwynne Drennan

Sharwynne Drennan is a Southern writer with a lifelong love of the written word. She wrote an ongoing column for her hometown newspaper for over five years and loved making her readers laugh with her humorous and quirky outlook on life.

Sharwynne has three grown children that she loves to brag about, and she lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with the real-life Marcie and Pippin, who keep her laughing and full of ideas. She is a passionate supporter of animal rescue and believes every animal deserves a loving home.


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