Plucky Little Bucky


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Plucky Little Bucky

by Dean Meador Smith

This is the story of Bucky the goat, a little kid who loved to explore! Bucky goes on an adventure to see his Nannie Beth and runs into all sorts of trouble along the way – from storms to muck to a big river. No matter the problems though, Bucky keeps on and never gives up! “So whenever someone hurts you or a problem comes your way, don’t give up! Be plucky like Bucky – and go right on!

This book is based on the Little Golden Book, published by Rand McNally & Co of Chicago in 1952: “The Little Goat who Went to School” by Sally R Frances (author) and Jean Tamburine (Illustrator).

“My Mother and Father read this book to my sister and me throughout our childhood. Whenever we were hurt or discouraged in the face of difficulties, they would remind us to be “plucky like Bucky.” They taught us to never give up, take steps of faith, and keep on going!”

— Dean Meador Smith

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