Pouring a Round of Pensacola's Past



Pouring a Round of Pensacola’s Past

by John D Melvin II

Discover the little known secrets of America’s oldest city. Pensacola, Florida was a postbellum boomtown that offered the promise of prosperity to potential new-comers and long-time resident alike. Pouring a Round of Pensacola’s Past divulges the hidden past of a city steeped in history and local lore.

From German immigrants to backwoods country folk, Pensacolians were as diverse as they were prosperous, with a penchant for alcohol production and consumption. The money flowed freely in Pensacola, and so too did the booze. But behind this facade of industry and revelry lay secrets of historical significance, secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Illustrated with period photographs, maps, and sketches, this seminal investigation into Pensacola’s past will appeal to both the history aficionado and to the casual reader. If you are looking for an interesting and satisfying read, then you have found it.


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