Sweet Afton



Sweet Afton

by Clent Moore

Looking at John Callaway’s life from a distance, some might say that he’s “living the dream.” At the helm of a successful development company built by his father years before, business success follows him, and Atlanta society has been good to his family. But in a flash, ominous skies overtake the calm seas of his charmed world and threaten to capsize his life.

Long past are the lazy summer days on the shores of Tybee Island, where everything was once so simple and pure, where he met the love of his life, Molly—the love that now seems to be slipping from his grasp. He wants that simplicity again, but is he too far gone? Is there a way back?

As the uncertainty of John Callaway’s fate unfolds in the wake of shipwreck, he is forced to explore the deepest desires of his heart while racing against time and nature to save not only his own life—but also his family.


  1. Dani Hinson

    A timeless tale of love & intrigue from a refreshingly new perspective, Sweet Afton was a pleasure to read! The descriptions in this book made me want to travel to these places! I found myself laughing and crying on this roller coaster of emotion – an entertaining tale of love and loss and love again! I would definitely recommend losing yourself in this novel.

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