The Chase

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The Chase

by M. David

Roused from his sleep, fourteen-year-old Adam Simmons is forced into a nightmare of reality. Without explanation, his father hastily packs a bag with the bare essentials and demands that Adam leave immediately through his bedroom window. Glancing back to see his father waving goodbye, Adam watches as his house suddenly explodes, apparently killing his parents. Instantaneously, Adam’s world ceases to exist. With his hockey bag and a face full of tears, he must continue his journey into this nightmare. Armed only with his ingenuity, Adam searches for answers. Discovering that he is being stalked by some very dangerous people, Adam becomes desperate and seeks the assistance of his closest friends, which proves to be disastrous: one by one, they are kidnapped. Feeling responsible, Adam persists through the arduous tasks of finding his friends and solving the puzzle that has become his life. With the aid of some odd newfound acquaintances and using skills he never knew he possessed, Adam learns that even nightmares can have a happy ending—and, yes, there is a Santa Claus!

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