The Constitution of a Great Leader



The Constitution of a Great Leader: Leadership in the 21st Century

by Cevin Ormond

So often, businesses, organizations, companies, even individuals suffer from the same weakness- a lack of true leadership skills. Air Force Veteran, professional speaker, and bestselling author Cevin Ormond knows this, and has spent many years honing his leadership skills, as well as teaching others how to develop their own. His work has led him to discover the timeless leadership principles that are embedded into one substantial document: The Constitution of the United States of America. In The Constitution of a Great Leader Cevin outlines his True Leadership Principles, and demonstrates how these standards provide the foundation for the one of the most effective documents in the world. Taking it one step further, he shows you how to apply these principles in your day to day life so that you can develop a strong constitution of your own. This is the perfect guidebook for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills-whether you’re starting a company, working at a corporation, or just hoping to improve your daily life.


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