The Magical Mermaid and the Moon

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The Magical Mermaid and the Moon

by Angiah Harris

“No matter how dark it may seem, light finds a way to shine through,” the mermaid king tells his daughter, and as she explores his undersea kingdom, she never doubts his words.

In the days before the moon and tides exist, the kingdom is at peace. Singing fills the streets, and the subjects thrive under the reign of their king, queen, and princess.
Then a shocking betrayal robs the kingdom of light, silences all singing, and plunges the mermaid princess into grief and despair. As her world falls apart, she faces questions she never expected to ask.

Can she alone sing loudly enough to defeat fear? What light could shine brightly enough to overcome the darkness?

Two unexpected encounters teach her surprising lessons about love, hope, and forgiveness. Along her journey toward freedom—for herself and her people—the truth becomes clear: if her kingdom will ever be restored to its former glory, the entire world will have to change.

Categories: Fiction, Young Adult


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