The Most Monstrous Band

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The Most Monstrous Band

by Sam Hintz

A talented bunch of kid-monsters are getting together to form a MONSTEROUS band, but they need some help coming up with a band name. Lend them a hand, claw, or tentacle in this interactive story where the reader/listener names the band to help tell the story. But be creative … you sure don’t want to pick a band name that has already been taken!

Children are born with a naturally strong capacity for language. Even before they can speak, using gestures and sounds to interact is hardwired into their brain. The keyword here is interact—children thrive on interaction and actively seek it out because they learn so much from it.

This book features interactivity that can potentially help with the retention of new words and with communication skills that reading already helps to strengthen. Oh, and the story itself is also pretty fun too!

In the story, the reader/listener will be asked to come up with a name for the monster kids’ band. Once your selection is made, write it in the _______blanks_______ provided, and read the story with your own creative spin!

(Using pencil is best so you can erase it each time you go back to re-read it!)

…So, have fun! And keep in mind that the purpose of this format is to spark interaction and creativity.


  1. Julia

    This book was such a fun read!! I love the illustrations and the gimmick of having to name your own band! My favorite character is Tiny Melon with her cool cowboy hat! 🙂 I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something fresh and new to read with your kids!

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