The Real Estate Rulebook



The Real Estate Rulebook

by Pam Brantley

This book is my personal story of how I built wealth investing in residential real estate and gives lots of useful advice on how you can too. This is not a get rich quick scheme but is a sound, long term approach to attain financial success. Inside you will find guidance on short and long term investing, how to wholesale properties for quick cash, and how to build a portfolio of properties to hold and rent for cash flow and appreciation. There is also advice about managing properties and how to choose a good manager if you prefer not to deal with your own tenants. Included are tips for maintaining your property over time, what to do and not to do. This book is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know from A-Z but it also contains a story about how I did it starting from 1978 and how I continue to do it in 2016.

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