The Asian Power League

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The Asian Power League

by Dr. Glenn Toby

Michael Hy-Yung, the son of business mogul David Hy-Yung, was born holding the keys to the world. Utilizing his intellectual prowess for business and government alike, he positions himself to become the next and best president of the United States. But in the fledgling days of his business career, Hy-Yung becomes entangled with a powerful organization known as the Asian Power League, and as his political and business careers skyrocket, he finds the support of the league comes at a dear cost.

About the Author:

Dr. Glenn Toby is an entertainment pioneer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, advisor to the stars, and author. Dr. Toby grew up in Brooklyn, facing hardships that fueled his drive to succeed. His greatest passion is philanthropy, starting with his Book Bank Foundation in Brooklyn with the mission to combat homelessness, poverty, and abuse. Throughout his career he has worked with some of the most popular stars in sports and entertainment, and written and produced films, all with the goal of inspiring the world to reach for success. He currently resides in New York.


  1. Jennie L. Wilson

    I really enjoyed this suspense thriller! Michael Hy-Yung, the main character, really came to life as I turned the pages. It was IMPOSSIBLE to put the book down and I kept reading until the end! I’m hoping for a sequel and a movie.

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