To Come Alive

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To Come Alive

by Trevor Turner

Through lessons he has learned from his struggles and insight he has gained into what it means to be human, Dr. Trevor Turner tells his story and shows how a person finds meaning in what he or she is called to do. He begs each one of us to ask continuously, Will you possess the constitution to rise to greater challenges than you ever imagined you could face?

With a passion for social justice, he shares an inside perspective on how it feels to endure the rigors of training through the pipeline of the US medical system. Much of his dedication to this path was forged from work that took him from Mexico to Swaziland to Haiti to Guatemala. He would need every bit of this strength to endure nights on trauma call during mass casualty incidents and times when he questioned whether he’d made the right call when situations became critical.

The search for these answers led to new and greater challenges: working with the world-renowned Dr. James Andrews, pursuing an entirely new revolution in the delivery of orthopedic care, drawing on inspiration from the birth of his daughter, focusing on innovation as a means to lift up the world’s poor, and more. But throughout his personal and professional journey, Turner has come to believe that practicing medicine is the most uniquely human way of interacting with people. To see the world’s needs through the practice of medicine is how he “came alive.”

About the Author:

Dr. Trevor W. Turner is the director of the Center for Orthobiologics at Georgia Bone & Joint in the Atlanta Metro area. He focuses on treating orthopedic injuries by harnessing the power of a patient’s own cells through minimally invasive procedures that target damaged tissues to improve recovery. He is honored to have worked with Dr. James Andrews and US special operations personnel. Having worked in five countries, Dr. Turner is passionate about disruptive innovation in medicine. He serves as both an advisor and a partner to numerous start-ups and universities with the mission of improving the human condition at scale.


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