What, If Anything, Is Out There?

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What, If Anything, Is Out There?

by Gene P. Abel

There are few events that would be more important, or more startling, than if, in the near future, we found ourselves confronted by another intelligent race with abilities and technology far superior to anything that currently exists on Earth. Increased sightings and the acknowledgment by the Department of Defense in July 2020 that our navy has encountered UFOs make this book, What, If Anything, Is Out There?, very timely.

The author, Gene P. Abel, COL (USA Ret.), details historic events that may well have been sightings by our ancestors. In addition to a thoroughly researched discussion of the Roswell incident of 1947, he explores some of the more important and well-documented sightings since Roswell. Colonel Abel also applies his military experience to analyze the situation we could find ourselves in if intelligent life outside our planet decided to make direct contact with us.

This book will help the reader decide if UFOs are real. It may also stimulate a desire to seek additional information to answer the question: Are we alone in this universe?

About the Author:

Gene P. Abel brings a successful and diverse educational and professional background to his writing. Mr. Abel’s formal education includes earning a bachelor of science degree in finance and a master of business administration. His thirty years as a highly successful business executive in both the private and public sectors overlay his thirty years’ service as a commissioned officer in the United States Army and Army Reserve. After graduating as a Distinguished Military Graduate from Penn State, Mr. Abel spent five years on active duty as a Regular Army officer and twenty-five years as an Army Reserve officer, with such diverse assignments as nuclear weapons officer and finance officer. He completed the Army War College in 1985 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on two occasions. Mr. Abel was nominated for brigadier general and retired from the US Army as a colonel.


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