Where Your Mind Goes, You Go - Volume 2



Where Your Mind Goes, You Go – Volume 2

by Clark Bartram

Clark Bartram is back with another month of mental and physical training to set you on the path to the best you yet! In Volume 2, Clark picks up where he left off, helping you to:

  • Remove self-defeating thoughts
  • Harness your energy
  • Positively affect those around you
  • Improve your overall health

Clark takes you on a second 30-day journey in this companion piece to the Best Selling “Where Your Mind Goes, You Go,” filled with his patented humor, encouragement, honesty, and over two decades of experience in helping people succeed. With additional information on the topics covered in the revised addition and a brand new set of daily exercises, Volume 2 will help you keep pushing towards your full potential and success in your family, fitness, and finances. Are your ready to start the journey?


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