Wild Wacky Words

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Wild Wacky Words

by Deborah Anne Zatz

Words are SUPERB, but they can often confuse us. Just what, exactly, is it to LOOM, BAWL, or be LUMINOUS? With these big words come colorful pictures, which show you how the word meets its meaning in these bright and colorful mixtures.

While learning new words is usually a bore, learning with Wild Wacky Words makes sure it isn’t a chore. So turn a page and find something new—all this book needs is an imagination and you!

From the mind of Deborah Anne Zatz, Wild Wacky Words invites readers of all ages to reimagine how they experience words. By introducing how words can be combined with colors and images in order to highlight their meanings, words themselves become beautiful landscapes that readers will want to explore.

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