You Are The Style!: An Every Girl's Guide to Getting Dressed, Building Confidence, and Shining from the Inside Out

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You Are The Style!: An Every Girl’s Guide to Getting Dressed, Building Confidence, and Shining from the Inside Out

by Laurie Brucker Amerikaner

Learn to love yourself through your style.

Inspiring, thought-provoking, and empowering, You Are the Style will break down everything you once believed about getting dressed and rebuild your sense of self, style, and personal empowerment from the ground up. Author Laurie Brucker not only educates you about the art of style, but also takes you on a deep dive into your style psyche to pull out the true YOU waiting for her day to sun.

Learn everything from how to shift your mindset when it comes to clothing, to how to find love and compassion for yourself and your body and how to be inspired by and in life. Pair that empowering knowledge with the technical tools of how to easily clean and organize your closet with care, build an outfit that feels effortlessly stylish, cultivate confidence in your own self-expression, and, most importantly, manifest your best life through the daily action of getting dressed.

Filled with easy and actionable style tools that you can implement immediately in your daily life, You Are the Style will change the conversation you have with yourself about your clothing, your body, your style, and your life. This isn’t just a guide to getting dressed; it’s a book on why you get dressed for YOU and how to step into a style that fuels you, lifts you up, and supports the amazing woman that you already are. Style will become your personal superpower, and when you use this magic in your life, watch as every day you confidently shine from the inside out.

About the Author:

Certified image consultant, top personal stylist, motivational speaker, spokeswoman, and author Laurie Brucker, of LaurieBstyle LLC, brings two decades of fashion and style expertise to private homes, to public stages, and on camera as a style expert and host. Laurie’s magic stems from her belief that style is a catalyst for living your best life. Teaching realistic, creative, and attainable style strategies in order to create possibility and empowerment and to promote personal growth, Laurie’s unique specialty sets her apart as a leader in her industry. Her style prowess and expertise started with a bachelor of science degree in apparel merchandising from Indiana University and a successful former career as a mass-market fashion designer in New York City. Her journey then continued by receiving certification degrees in image consulting from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and from Stacy London of TLC’s What Not to Wear. Laurie has been named L.A.’s top personal shopper and stylist by Angeleno Magazine, L.A.’s best personal stylist by CBS, L.A.’s power shopper by Women’s Wear Daily, and L.A.’s go-to stylist by the Los Angeles Times. Laurie’s mission is for women to see themselves differently in the mirror by embracing their bodies, seeing their true beauty, recognizing their inner power, and learning to let their best selves shine.


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