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Our unique strategies and winning team allow us to produce quality books on par with the large publishing houses while still remaining flexible enough to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.  It is common for many publishers today to focus the majority of their time and attention only toward authors who have a proven fan base and marketability. However, they spend little time combing through manuscripts in search of quality writing and amazing stories, especially from first-time authors. Another common problem in the industry today is the publisher’s lack of involvement, resulting in poor-quality books and fewer copies sold.

For publishers and authors to be successful today, it is important that they utilize traditional distribution outlets, such as book stores, libraries, universities, retailers, and more. It is also imperative that they take advantage of modern systems, technologies,  and strategies. This will include taking full advantage of social media, targeted marketing campaigns, media exposures, sales funnels, and more. 

At Indigo River Publishing we utilize the traditional outlets that have proven successful for publishers and authors over the years, but also seek to create new and innovative strategies with our authors to accommodate the behavior of today’s readers in this modern and digitized world. 

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Our Mission

We believe in creating more dynamic and close personal relationships with our authors. We are committed to producing high quality books and exposures to assist our authors in taking advantage of current and new opportunities.

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publish your book

Our Message

Indigo River Publishing is not in the business of simply printing and binding books. We take on a limited number of new projects each year to ensure our product’s integrity, deliver books of the highest quality, and focus on the most effective book promotions. Indigo River accepts books for publication that are vibrant, full of life, and have strong voices and positive messages.